TIPS for Spectacular Parties

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Success with social events means knowing how to surprise and delight your guests. It allows you to get really creative so that get togethers are memorable. Putting on a spectacular party starts with the table and ends with a “WOW”! The following are a few tips and ideas to get you started.


Plan with Panache


Visualize the evening conceptually, walking yourself through the plans and how you want things to flow.


Organize the menu, invitations, decor and music around a theme or color palette.

A signature cocktail as guests arrive adds a special touch. Healthier menu offerings are increasingly being requested. This is one trend that’s here to stay!


Prepare as much in advance as possible – the food, the table setting, the platters you will use for each dish. Decide on the layout for the placement of all the dishes you will be serving. Practice “mise en place”  which will organize your menu elements and help you plate and serve efficiently.


Practice Personal Style

Audrey Hepburn created the famed “LBD”, Jackie O had it…in a word, Style! Create a blend of classic and fashionforward fresh trends with an eye towards what is timeless.


It’s about being hospitable and adding a dash of personalized flair to each detail to orchestrate a fabulous event.


Innovative ideas and world class style come from inspirations from vacations, Mother Nature’s palette, fashion magazines and so much more.


Take the Time for Details

A coffee bar is a simple but elegant touch; along with hot coffee, offer a bowl of whipped cream and an assortment of liqueurs (Kahlua, Godiva, Brandy, & Whiskey) so guests can create their own coffee drinks.  Espresso is always a crowd pleaser.


Adding a small cymbidium orchid to a platter of hors d’oeuvres adds a simple but elegant touch.


Sophisticated Touches

Splurge on first class presentation –never underestimate the impact of a strong visual display.


Sumptuous fabrics, different styles of plates in the same color scheme, or a splash of ethnic influence in a prop, adds to the magic of your style.


Focus on one visually powerful display or an unusual item (an interesting layout, tiered presentation, unexpected materials). An arresting display will make a lasting impression.


Food as Art

. . . makes parties legendary!


Construct your menu balancing color and proportion.  Add edible garnishes to your platters – a single orchid, berries or small dollup of caviar.


Create new and interesting flavor combinations and presentations.

Use unique bases for canapes like Parmesan crisps, vegetable cups, vegetable ribbons, bread cubes.


Make food flavorful and fresh with an appealing texture. Food only peaks once. That means that reheating is not recommended. Have hors d’oeuvres prepared on small trays so that they can be cooked in small batches ensuring peak flavor every time. Offer cold hors d’oeuvres as well, so you will have food ready as guests arrive.


Lush Amenities

Stock the humidor with cigars for your guests.


Silver & Gold is a winning combination. Edible gold adds a festive sparkle to drinks, fruits, baked goods, truffles and risotto. The most opulent garnish used since the 16th century, it’s food safe and quite reasonably priced from online purveyors.














Amber Ambient Lighting

Add sexy lighting with tons of tea lights or amber light bulbs, which cast a warm, sultry glow. Pink bulbs also work spectacularly.


String mini white lights around the front doorway, the buffet table, or bathroom mirror.


Add glass blocks to accentuate lighting and reflections on buffets.


Exceed Expectations

Think out of the box. See new combinations, new possibilities, look for the best products, interesting serving pieces.


Make something surprising happen; a “WOW” moment. Well thought out toast to your guests, tango dancers, solo jazz guitarist. Live music elevates the energy of a party, even if it’s just a soloist.  


Amaze and delight with food and drink. From ordinary to extraordinary presentations, it just takes a few minutes more to do and is always more fun.


Up Close & Personal

Remember you are the gift


Value your guests with a single precious moment just for them. Don’t be rushed for that 30 seconds together of personal time. Your guests will know they’re part of something magical.


Greet guests with hospitality and grace as they enter: proffer a small tray with your featured guest cocktail and one hors d’oeuvre station. 


Touch of Class

Having a few competent professional staff on hand makes being with your guests easier. We recommend having one person for every 15 guests. Consider a full service bartender, waitstaff and cleanup crew. The best professional help is knowledgeable in many party nuances an can anticipate the guests’ needs or yours.


Do know that accidents and the unexpected happen. Be prepared with a sense of humor. Your guests will feel relaxed if you respond to any accidents or spills with grace.


Recipe for Success

Great food that has been displayed well and a party room that exudes with attention paid to every detail, is the gift you give to your guests.


Offer the best quality within your budget. If you are overwhelmed with the details of planning your event, contact VIP Chef Services to coordinate menu, music and more.

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