BUY  Valentine’s Day Recipes – 101 Recipes for Romance

Don’t want to go out to the restaurant on a busy Saturday night for Valentine’s Day?

Looking for an alternative to the hustle and bustle on Saturday night with hasty service?

Are you looking to impress your sweetheart with a heartfelt home cooked dinner made with love?

You know Valentine’s Day is coming up, the time you want to really impress. You have so much going on, so much to do with a busy schedule. With  less than three days to go, your favorite restaurant is booked. No worries. Here are recipes to create a night of romance to have a relaxing dinner with the one you love.


Valentine’s Day Recipes – 101 Recipes for Romance

Featured in this ebook you’ll find easy and delicious recipes for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, entrees, side accompaniments and decadent desserts. Have fun creating and cooking together, kissing between courses. Cook side by side and enjoy indulging in your culinary adventure. Love begins in the kitchen.


The power of aphrodisiacs during dinner is the perfect setting for romance. There’s nothing quite as romantic as cooking a meal for that special someone – especially on Valentine’s Day. Being served an elegant dinner in a sensual atmosphere – soft music, flickering candles, the exquisite smell of a bouquet of flowers and a chilled bottle of champagne – sets the stage for a wonderfully romantic mood. This ebook will make it easy so you don’t have to search around for what works, saving you time to create that perfect evening.

Love the idea of surprising your Valentine but not the endless hours of figuring out what to cook for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner?


A great solution is that couples are now cooking their perfect Valentine’s Day evening together in the comfort of their home. It’s a great alternative to fine dining out. Find out how wonderful it is to take over the sensual collaboration of dinner for two and make an amazing gourmet affair,  relax and spend time with the one you love in the comfort of your own home.

Stress free Romance

 Create that perfect culinary dinner with special touches making your dinner sensual and exciting. Start with seductive hors d’oeuvres and a favorite cocktail, like a cranberry kir royal dotted with strawberries to bring out the champagne’s flavor or a classic martini to start your repast.

Want to improve the mood and ignite the evening’s pleasures?  Include in your menu one or more of the following aphrodisiacs: shellfish particularly oysters (the king of aphrodisiacs), chocolate (the queen of aphrodisiacs), something with vanilla (ranked one of the five most attractive aromas to men), chili peppers (straddling the fine line between pleasure and pain to create that frenzy of passion),  finger fruits strawberries and of course champagne.

Then relax and enjoy a scrumptious multi-course dinner that includes your choice of first course, the kiss of a light crisp salad, an elegant main course of Lobster or Filet Mignon and delicious side dishes. Kick up the passion with your choice of tempting desserts like truffles or a heart shaped cake for your finale.

Setting the Mood

February 14 is associated with love and romance. It’s all in the special details that create that passionate mood from the slow music choices of Rod Stewart’s It Had to be You, Jose Feliciano’s Senor Bolero, Chris Botti’s Night Sessions, anything by Frank Sinatra or a beautiful opera.

Incorporate lots of votives because everyone looks great in soft amber twinkling lighting,  a beautiful white or antique tablecloth to make the room look and feel like fine restaurant dining.

Making your menu items quick and simple focusing on items that can be prepared in advance and reheated so you can spend as much time with your special someone is already taken care of for you in most of the recipes here.

Be creative with your romantic dinner so it will provide you with special touches that will make your evening memorable. Incorporate things that appeal to all of the senses with contrasts in texture, aromas and flavors. Feeding each with delectable bite sized morsels is exciting. And lobster is a very sexy food to eat. Remember with finger foods, it’s really the sensuous way you’re eating the food that becomes the turn on. You can choose on the lighter side of culinary options so that there is plenty of energy left for romance.

The seductive Valentine’s recipes are here for you to enjoy.  All recipes are designed to be easy, fail proof and many can be prepared in advance so you can enjoy your romantic evening. May you celebrate excitement, joy and passion delighting in each others love!