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BBQ Ribs & Brisket

BBQ Ribs & Brisket


I’ve always known that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Moreover, they have distinctively different favorites than women. Way back in time, where men were the “hunters”, they have always enjoyed a heavier fare. Men crave steak, making rubs and ribs. Taste is as important as aroma so adding flavors especially to meats like hickory-smoked, mesquite-smoked, spicy coatings and flavorful sauces heighten their tastebuds.Give them their meats and tempt them with descriptions like: juicy, grilled, succulent, slow-cooked, thick-cut, fresh, meaty,  heavy,  spicy, creamy… and you’ll find the key that lights their fire.


Right behind BBQ ribs and steak are potato chips and fries. Men crave salty foods more often than sweets. Many of those foods take them back to childhood. Others just make them feel warm and cozy inside.

Start with a Summer Antipasto with Figs & Melons and crusty bread and you have a real winning starter.

Summer Antipasto with Figs & Melons

Summer Antipasto with Figs & Melons

Summer Antipasto with Figs & Melons

Men crave more protein/fat-type foods like pizza, burgers, potatoes and of these the number one food men crave is pizza. Men also crave spicy foods.  And the final word…anything with bacon!!!!!

We’d love to help plan your next BBQ party. Call us anytime at 203-221-7711….we’ll do all the cooking with VIP style.

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